Key Projects: Ecosystem Development

Ecosystem builders work to understand, leverage, and connect parts of the ecosystem, to break down silos, find alignment, and leverage strengths across a wide range of stakeholders and organizations. Explore how Wendy catalyzes connections for economic resilience.

  • Regional Resilience

    As CEO of Energize Colorado, I apply my expertise as an ecosystem builder to cultivate economic resilience in a critical segment of Colorado’s economy.

  • BigCo Collaboration

    As CEO at Cintrifuse, a public-private partnership in southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky, I led the effort to build high-value engagement between BigCos and startups.

  • University Hubs

    Ecosystem builders can help universities engage in local innovation by aligning academic expertise and strategic priorities with the region’s long-term goals.

  • National Venture Capital

    To build a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cincinnati, I developed a national fund-of-funds venture capital strategy for foundational growth.